Spiral galaxy: the spiral arm galaxy surprises astronomers: a galaxy billions of years old

At the beginning of the universe, there was gas and dark matter before the formation of the galaxy and the stars. Stars and galaxies are born from gas under the influence of dark matter. The process was at its peak about 10 billion years ago, but a new study has revealed a galaxy that was at the forefront. In a study published in “Science”, two researchers mentioned this galaxy dating back 12.3 billion years. This spiral-armed galaxy was very bright.

Takafumi Tsukui of the Japanese University of Graduate Studies and the National Astronomical Observatory reported that it was earlier when stars and galaxies were at their peak. He did a new study with advisor Satoru Iguchi. Until now, it was believed that spiral-armed galaxies began to form 10 to 11 billion years ago.

Tsukui and Iguchi who discovered the Spiral Arm Galaxy BRI 1335-0417 is when the universe must have been a little over a billion years old. By that time, only a few had changed into matter galaxies and spiral galaxies arrived later. According to the study, 5,000 stars of the sun’s mass are made there each year. Speaking of our Milky Way galaxy, one or two solar mass stars form every year.

There is also a Quasar in the center of BRI 1335-0417. It’s a huge black hole that eats the neighboring mass. Such a galaxy is generally formed by the merger of two galaxies. Tsukui says it was interesting to see the speed at which he was moving around the gas center. With his help, the spiral arms of the Galaxy were recognized.

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Spiral Arm Galaxy (Image Credit: ALMA / ESO / NAOJ / NRAO / T. Tsukui & S. Iguchi, doi: 10.1126 / science.abe9680.)

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