Sport, the key to promoting a good corporate culture

It is a fact that sport improves the well-being of people and has a positive effect on their daily life. Proof of this are the answers obtained in a study by the College of Health and Human Development, which shows that in addition to physical results, sport plays a fundamental role in mental health. both on a personal level, at work.

The effect on people who play sports, from a work point of view, results in higher productivity at work, increased motivation and a lower overall stress index, as exercise has been shown to or some type of sport creates a feeling of happiness and generates endorphins.

And there is more data to support these findings, such as the Oxford Opener Institute study, which shows how happy employees spend twice as much time on their tasks, have 65% energy in more and their connection to the company is greater. For this reason, more and more companies actively promote sports activities among their staff, because thanks to programs such as those offered by Urban Sports Club, it becomes easier to integrate physical activity programs, thus improving the conditions of their employees. .

The benefits of sport at work

It promotes a better relationship between colleagues and teamwork. A 2020 Gensler study found that up to 74% of employees missed the human interactions they had in the office. And it is that the promotion of sport among the workers contributes to improve the socialization between them on a personal level and this supposes an improvement during the dynamics of teamwork on a daily basis. Relax. It is the main cause of sick leave in Spain and among the different options that exist to combat stress, sport has been shown to be very effective because it helps to relax tensions after a day at the office, releasing the stress. mind and helping to unload adrenaline. A clear benefit for the health of workers. With the onset of the pandemic, health has become the most valuable asset and many have understood that it is the solution to keeping physical and mental health at bay. Therefore, facilitating sport among workers strengthens their health.

Urban Sports Club: the ally of workers’ physical and mental health

Urban Sports Club wellness programs help organizations promote the health of their teams, promote an active and healthy lifestyle while improving their motivation and stabilizing their routines.

A tool that allows you to retain your employees, improve productivity and promote teamwork. Because all these companies which decide to bet on a healthier corporate culture, more productive teams and which wish to invest in their human capital, cannot ignore the possibility of betting on the offer of sports among their workforce.

“At Urban Sports Club, we support businesses in their attempt to provide a safe and productive workspace for their teams. We promote flexible flat rates for sport and wellness that motivate employees to lead more active lives. We’ve already shown that regular exercise and wellness activities make people happier, ”says Liz Andrews, Managing Director of Iberia at Urban Sports Club.

Urban Sports Club and its agreements with companies

The largest sports platform in Europe already has between 25 and 30 agreements and aims to reach 50 by 2021. The companies that have already set up its services have between 50 and 10,000 employees and come from different sectors. Certain agreements through which workers benefit from discounts in the subscription which gives them access to more than fifty different modalities and physical activities. Its offer includes team building and onboarding services for employees.

Urban Sports Club has a wide offer very targeted on the B2B part which includes 1,300 sports centers in Spain and wants to reach 1,500 centers A sports offer, to which workers have access thanks to the agreements and which is hybrid, since it is You can practice indoor, outdoor and online live. A wide variety of activities that go beyond fitness or climbing, with a broad category focused on wellness, such as yoga, Pilates or mindfulness, in addition to all water sports such as surfing, paddlesurfing or wakeboarding.

Currently, Urban Sports Club has agreements with companies such as Carrefour, Mimacom, Intracon, N26, The Fork, Cirsa, The Hotels Network, Pantata Group and Taxfix and internationally with Microsoft, El Corte Ingls, Coca Cola, Adidas ,, Lufthansa and Prime IT.

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