Sports centers, lodges and orchards, among the 35,000 active workers that the Church recorded between 1998 and 2015

Publication: Saturday, February 20, 2021 3:41 PM

LaSexta continues to dive among the nearly 35,000 unregistered assets of the Spanish Catholic Church. There are properties of all kinds because in the list you can even find orchards all over the country, but also pavilions for sports use in several autonomous communities or even the scene of the festivities in the Galician city of Brión. All of them, properties that between 1998 and 2015 the Church registered as its own.

The Ministry of the Presidency has made the complete list public and thus opens the door to possible complaints. “Individuals, other administrations, legal persons … who think that in front of this inscription they have a higher title”, recently explained the vice-president of the government Carmen Calvo in an interview with the channel ‘SER’.

To check each of these assets, you can go here at “What we have done is convert the document that the Ministry of the Presidency uploaded into an interactive search engine,” explained Verónica Ramírez, editor-in-chief of

In this search engine, you can consult any property in any municipality in Spain. Another option is to access the original PDF of each community through a map integrated into the laSexta search engine, and thus obtain the complete list of properties that the Church has there for its use, pleasure and benefit.

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