Spotify announces the renewal of its interface under Windows 10

We are already used to using Spotify and it is part of our daily life. In fact, it was the forerunner of Netflix and video on demand services. But you also need to improve your design over time. Spotify hadn’t changed the interface for too long and the other day it announced some changes in the design of iOS and Android and now it’s Windows 10.

Spotify announces new interface for the web and Windows 10

The first thing they indicated is that the interface design between the web and Windows 10 is unified, which allows for greater cohesion between the two versions, but also allows new functions.

The search bar is located in the upper left part while now we can create a radio from any song or artist from the three point menu.

Spotify now allows us to write descriptions, upload images, and drag and drop songs into existing playlists. Even using the new search bar to find and add songs or podcasts to playlists.

We can also change the play queue and see recently played songs through the desktop app. In addition, premium subscribers will be able to download their favorite songs or podcasts to their PC.

New keyboard shortcuts have been added so that we can better interact with the app. To know the available shortcuts, we have to press Ctrl +? and the full list will be shown to us.

Finally, the Spotify team announced that the redesign will also be coming to Mac later. We’ll have to wait a bit longer to see how the new design will suit Spotify on Mac.

We remind you that you can download the Spotify app from the Epic Store or from the Microsoft Store via the link below.

Developer: Spotify AB

Price: free

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