sputnikv coronavirus vaccine: makers of Sputnik V claim their coronavirus vaccine with AstraZeneca will give more effect if your dose – sputnikv developers ask astrazeneca to give their coronavirus vaccine in combination for better results

Russian vaccine manufacturing team Sputnik V said Thursday that AstraZeneca should consider dropping its dose of the vaccine, as well as its vaccine. The team say the impact will be greater. Russia claims its vaccine is 92% effective, while AstraZeneca claims its vaccine can be up to 70-90% effective.

The vaccine makers said on Twitter: “ If they do a new clinical trial, we recommend that their vaccine be given with an injection of the Sputnik V adenoviral vector. Giving the two together may prove to be the key to success. revaccination.

The vaccine is effective
In fact, AstraZeneca is planning to conduct another global trial to find out the effect of its vaccine. Bloomberg was made aware of this when Pascal Souriot, the chief executive of the company, questioned the results of the final study. At the same time, Britain’s chief scientific adviser Patrick Wallans says what’s important is that the vaccine works.

The most reliable
AstraZeneca says it will prepare 200 million doses by the end of this year. This vaccine is considered the most reliable vaccine to date. Its price is likely to be very low and to store it you would need a normal refrigerator temperature. At the same time, Pfizer’s vaccine, which claims to be the most effective first, will need to be stored at -70 ° C, which can prove difficult for many countries.

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