SR-71 Blackbird: SR-71 Blackbird: The world’s fastest fighter plane, find out why dust burns? – The fastest robin sr-71 plane in the world, even 4000 missiles could not kill this spy plane

The world’s fastest flying fighter jet, the SR-71 Blackbird, is now blowing dust in the museum. The biggest feature of this fighter plane was its speed, due to which even the enemy’s anti-aircraft missile could not catch it in the air. The aircraft was built by US arms manufacturer Lockheed Martin. The maximum speed of this aircraft is 3529 km / h. Which could cover a distance of 5,400 kilometers at a time. However, due to the low budget of the US Air Force and the expensive maintenance of this aircraft, he had to retire early. This aircraft could fly at a height of 85,000 feet above the earth. At the present time, very few fighter jets can reach this altitude. In its three decades of service, there has never been a time when a missile has made it its target even when it enters enemy territory on an intelligence mission.

Blackbird destroyed 4000 missiles

According to a 2017 report by Airman magazine, at least 4,000 missiles were fired from the enemy side while in service on the Blackbird aircraft. However, no missile could match the speed of this aircraft. It is the only aircraft in the history of the US Air Force that has not suffered an accident even once in its 30 years of service. The figure of 4000 missiles is also given in another report of We are the Mighty. Blackbird’s most famous pilot, Brian Shull, also mentions these missile attacks. Shull said the plane served during the tenure of 6 U.S. presidents. Among them are President Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan and George HW Bush. However, the project to build the aircraft began during Dwight Eisenhower’s tenure, and its first flight was carried out during the Kennedy administration. While the last robbery took place during the presidency of Bill Clinton.

The story was created by flying at a speed of 3529 km / h

This fighter plane reached a speed of 3,529 kilometers per hour in 1976, which is a record in the history of Aaj Tak. On September 1, 1974, the aircraft traveled 5,645 miles from New York to London in one hour 54 minutes and 56.4 seconds. The United States used this fighter plane extensively during the ongoing Cold War with Russia. The aim was to instill fear in the minds of Russia. America has never used this aircraft in a war. Who could not prove whether this aircraft proved useful even during the war? It is said that the aircraft was withdrawn from service by the US Air Force around the year 1990, before the collapse of the Soviet Union. At that time, the Air Force said that its operating cost is very high and that we don’t have enough budget to blow it up continuously.

Besides the US Airforce, NASA has also been used

According to the report, the US Air Force operated three of these aircraft between 1995 and 1998 at the request of the US Congress, even after officially retiring. The Air Force later turned over one of these planes to the US space agency NASA. NASA used these planes in several research-related missions until 1999. After which, they were withdrawn from service forever. In 1990, when the United States Air Force decided to withdraw this aircraft from service, it estimated that many ships also came to Russia, which can rival this speed. In such a situation, the usefulness of this aircraft began to be questioned. On the other hand, the Soviet Union had become too busy in its internal affairs, which made its tension with America also begin to gradually diminish. After that, the United States Congress raised strong questions about the cost of this aircraft.

The cost of the flight was $ 2 million per hour

Before the U.S. Congress, U.S. Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Larry D. Welch said it was difficult to survive the growing strength of the SAM-5 satellite and missile. Soviet Union. This missile from the Soviet Union flew at high speed, capable of killing any target from ground to air in an instant. The chief of the air force then said that we had to withdraw this plane immediately, thus saving the funds of the air force. At the time, Edward C. Aldridge Jr., Secretary of the US Airforce in the Ronald Reagan administration, speculated that the money used to operate the SR-71 fleet could be used to operate two wings. tactical flight. A tactical flight wing consists of 4 swords of 9 to 9 fighters. It was reported that the hourly cost of operating the SR-71 fleet at that time was $ 2 million.

This aircraft joined the US Air Force in 1966

Lockheed Martin developed the SR-71 Blackbird from the A-12 reconnaissance aircraft. Its first flight was made on December 22, 1964. US Air Force engineer Clarence Callie Johnson is considered to be the originator of the concept of this aircraft. This aircraft was put into service in 1966.

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