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Last month, Tripura chief minister Biplab Deb claimed that the Bharatiya Janata party could also form governments in Nepal and Sri Lanka. Both BJP and Biplab were upset and immediately the Sri Lankan Election Commission clarified that this was not possible. Now, the “Bharatiya Janata Party of Sri Lanka” has really been the subject of discussion.

Ram Madhav tweeted
In fact, BJP chief Ram Madhav posted a tweet containing a screenshot of the Sri Lankan news channel. The leader seen in this was introduced as V. Muthuswamy, leader of the “Sri Lanka Bharatiya Janata Party”. After that everyone remembered Biplab’s statement. In fact, Tripura Chief Minister Biplav Deb had recently said about the vision of Union Home Secretary Amit Shah that he wanted to expand BJP to Sri Lanka and Nepal as well.

The party clarified
However, the News1 channel screenshot shared by Ram Madhav, quoting Muthuswamy, claimed that this BJP has no connection to Indian BJP. He said: “If India helps us, we will tell the media.” He said the party’s goal is to improve the level of education and sport with the government.

BJP’s expansion in Nepal-Sri Lanka! Sri Lankan Election Commission said – Saffron party cannot form a party here
The Election Commission had clearly indicated
Previously, the market for talks had heated up after Deb’s statement, following which Sri Lanka Election Commission chief Nimal Panchiva himself stepped forward and ruled out such a possibility. He said: “Any political party in Sri Lanka can have relations with any party or group abroad, but our electoral law does not allow any other foreign party to work in Sri Lanka.”

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