Sri Lanka Ends Forced Funeral: Sri Lanka Ends Forced Cremations Of Covid 19 Victims After Visit Of Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan: Impact Of Imran Khan’s Visit, Sri Lanka Allows Burial Of Dead Muslims by Corona

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Sri Lanka changes order of funerals for corpses of people killed by Kovid-19 Authorization allowed
Sri Lanka has changed its contested order regarding the cremation of the bodies of people who have lost their lives to Kovid-19 amid global criticism. The government revised the notice to the newspaper published Thursday in April of last year. The new notification allows cremation both during cremation and burial of corpses. The issue was vigorously raised by Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan.

For ten months in Sri Lanka, Muslim and Christian minorities and international human rights groups have advocated a change in policy on the cremation of corpses. The government did not allow the burial of the bodies for health reasons. The government cited the opinion of some experts who claimed that the burial of the bodies of people who died from the Kovid-19 infection contaminates groundwater and would likely lead to an even more serious epidemic.
Imran Khan in Sri Lanka: India opened the “sky” for Imran Khan, but Kashmir hit raga as soon as it reached Sri Lanka.
Human rights groups criticized burial orders for corpse
Several human rights groups, including the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC), criticized the body’s decree for the funeral. The organizations said the order was against the religious sentiments of Muslims, Christians and some Buddhists. The cremation of corpses is prohibited in Islam. Cremation rules were changed after Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan visited.

Muslim leaders who met with Imran Khan said Sri Lanka had authorized the burial of the bodies because it wanted to mobilize support from the Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC) during the current session of the Human Rights Council. the United Nations man in Geneva. There was a lot of anger among the minorities in the country over the ban on the burial of corpses.

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