sri lanka: sri lanka: corona petition rejected for burial of dead muslims, corpses to be cremated – sri lanka supreme court rejects petitions against covid-19 cremations of muslims

Sri Lanka’s Supreme Court refused permission to bury people from the Muslim community who lost their lives to the corona virus. The court dismissed the filed petition challenging the government’s order to obligatorily bury all deceased persons from the crown. Sri Lanka’s 12 Supreme Court petitioners challenged the government’s April notification in this regard, calling it a human rights violation.

Muslims 9% of the Sri Lankan population
Let the Muslim community share nine percent of the population of Sri Lanka. On March 31, when the Kovid-19 pandemic began in Sri Lanka, the Ministry of Health changed the guidelines and ordered that only Kovid-19 patients or deaths suspected of being infected be cremated.

Cremation of the corona dead has been mandatory since April
This directive was issued after the death of a person from the Muslim community of Kovid-19. However, the government published a notice in the Official Gazette on April 11 making the cremation of the dead mandatory for deaths related to Kovid-19.

Muslim leaders opposed the government order
Muslim leaders protested the notification, saying it violated World Health Organization guidelines because it said the deceased could be both buried and cremated. Many human rights organizations have called for changing the notification and respecting the religious faith of the Muslim community.

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