sri lanka votes for human rights India: HRC adopts resolution against Sri Lanka on human rights violations Tamil: UN Human Rights Council adopts resolution on violations of human rights against Sri Lanka

India abstained from voting on a resolution on the violation of human rights against Sri Lanka at the meeting of the United Nations Human Rights Council. Representatives of India were absent from the UNSC during this period. The resolution accused the Sri Lankan military of violating human rights and torturing large numbers of Tamils ​​during the campaign against the LTTE in Jaffna. The difficulty India faces is whether it should follow the religion of neighboring Sri Lanka or speak out in favor of protecting Tamil minorities. After that, India decided to abstain in the vote on this resolution.

Rajapaksa called Modi and asked for his support
Sri Lanka wanted India’s support on this proposal. For this, the president of Gotabaya Rajapaksa also spoke on the phone with the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. India is said to have decided not to vote on this proposal because of its own people on both sides. There is already a dispute between India and the United Nations Human Rights Council. Recently, India has reacted strongly against the Human Rights Council’s statement against agitation against agricultural laws. India and the UNHRC are also facing the removal of Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir.

Tamil on one side and Sri Lanka on the other
India had the option of not voting on this issue. Because if India had voted for it, Sri Lanka would have been angry. This would have given China and Pakistan another opportunity to infiltrate Sri Lanka. At the same time, if India had voted against this proposal, Tamils ​​in southern India would have been angry. Assembly elections will take place in Tamil Nadu next month. In such a situation, if the Indian government decided to abstain from voting, do not take any chances on the Tamil issue.

Which country voted for and who opposed

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