Stability and equality, the basis for growth in Incarlopsa’s workforce in 2020

Stability and equality, the basis for growth in Incarlopsa’s workforce in 2020

Incarlopsa, a Castilian company leader in La Mancha in the production and processing of chronic pig products, closed the financial year 2020 with a workforce of 2,440 people, which represents a growth of 1.5% compared to the year previous. Taking into account the indirect jobs generated, Incarlopsa employs more than 4,180 people and in the last four years it has created more than 1,000 jobs.

In a year marked by the uncertainty derived from the pandemic and characterized by the application of the Temporary Work Regulatory Files (ERTE) in many companies and sectors of activity in Spain, in Incarlopsa, far from applying any reduction workforce, it bet to consolidate it by strengthening its commitment to the human team and by relying on two fundamental criteria: stability and equal opportunities.

In 2020, 73.85% of Incarlopsa employees have an open-ended contract, which is a significant increase from 65% the previous year. In line with Incarlopsa’s commitment to create a working environment where equal opportunities are guaranteed, Incarlopsa has strengthened the employment of women in 2020: 33.2% of Incarlopsa’s workforce are women against 25.6% the previous year. This percentage rises to 37% if we talk about the presence of women in the company’s management bodies.

As a family business, Incarlopsa is firmly committed to continuing to offer up-and-coming opportunities to the people who live around its production facilities, helping to establish a population in rural areas and preventing young people from having to leave their villages. Thus, the human team that makes up the Incarlopsa family is a young workforce: in 2020, 83.72% are 50 years old or under, a percentage that rises to 89% in the case of women.

More hours of training to contribute to the personal and professional development of staff

Incarlopsa’s commitment to its employees also translates into an ongoing commitment to training its employees to ensure their professional and personal development. In a year marked by the pandemic, and as a preventive and occupational health measure, online training was given priority. In 2020, 82% of training actions were carried out online.

In 2020, Incarlopsa devoted 36,031 hours to training, which represents an increase of 7.1% compared to the previous year and has practically doubled this parameter since 2017, when it had devoted 18,473 hours to training of its staff.

The number of training hours per employee in 2020 amounted to 14.77 hours, which represents an increase of 5.57% compared to the previous year and an increase of almost 30% over the last three years . This specialized training focuses on aspects related to proper food handling, sustainability or animal welfare, among others.

Thanks to the constant and continuous collaboration with the works council and all Incarlopsa employees, in 2020, to adequately adapt to the exceptional situation derived from the pandemic, work flexibility and work shifts have been reinforced. , adapting to productive needs at all times to adequately meet the social demand for food.

In addition, at all times, the priority has been the well-being of the staff, ensuring their health and safety. To this end, the necessary prevention solutions have been implemented, including temperature control in the accesses to production plants, the installation of protective screens to comply with safety measures, the strengthening of cleaning in common areas or limitation of external visits, among others.

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