Standing portion of the day improves employee health and productivity by 65%

Standing portion of the day improves employee health and productivity by 65%

The excessive sedentary lifestyle associated with office work and / or telecommuting leads to a range of health problems, ranging from obesity to diabetes or musculoskeletal injury.

Combating it is one of the biggest public health concerns today. In this sense, many companies and many employees at home bet on the practice of working standing part of their day.

However, working standing up is not positive if it is abused, “if you spend all day standing it will be harmful,” warns Martn Lpez, Ofita’s commercial director. “It can have downsides, especially for those who don’t get enough physical activity, because they can suffer from muscle overload. It can also be counterproductive for those who suffer from circulatory problems, such as varicose veins, tired legs or water retention in the lower limbs ”.

For this reason, “companies must ensure that our professional activity can be carried out in the most comfortable and healthy way possible”, he says.

According to the company Ofita, it’s best to go for a mixed option that uses ergonomic workstations and incorporates lift tables that allow you to work both standing and seated and easily change posture at different times of the day. of work.

“The solution is not to sit for eight hours at work and then go to the gym afterwards, as the negative effects of an excessive sedentary lifestyle cannot be countered with brief exercise. The answer is the combination of positions during the day ”, insists Ofita’s commercial director.

A good formula, according to Ofita, is for example to work 35 minutes sitting and 35 minutes standing, “by alternating the times, we will obtain the benefit of both postures”, emphasizes Martín López.

Alternating between standing and sitting results in workers or teleworkers 70% more focused, 65% more productive and 35% less stressed, according to Ofita.

“Plus, healthier employees.” The benefits of this mixed formula for our health come down to a reduced risk of obesity through higher calorie consumption.

In addition, unlike in people who spend their eight hours of work seated, those who also work standing strengthen the back and muscles in the legs and buttocks.

“The first step is to get up. The second, to learn to get up more frequently and the third to have a lift table to work standing and sitting, in the office or / and at home”, according to the sales manager of Ofita.

To these two benefits are added the following benefits for our health: Reduced risk of diabetes and other metabolic problems; lower risk of cardiovascular disease; a lower risk of cancer and a long-term decrease in the risk of death.

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