Start of coronavirus vaccination in Russia: 70 vaccination centers opened in Moscow, Russia; they will first receive the corona vaccine

On the one hand, the citizens of most countries of the world are waiting for the corona vaccine. Meanwhile, Kovid-19’s vaccination program began on Saturday in Moscow, the capital of Russia. According to reports, this vaccine is given to those most at risk of infection. Russia uses a vaccine called “Sputnik V” developed in its own country.

Thousands of doctors, teachers and other members of high-risk groups have signed up for the corona virus vaccination which began in Russia on Saturday. President Vladimir Putin ordered a massive vaccination campaign against Kovid-19 three days ago. The vaccination started after that.

However, the necessary advanced study of this Russian-made vaccine remains to be done, which is necessary to ensure its efficacy and safety in accordance with established scientific “protocols”. The Russian leader said on Wednesday that 20 million doses of Sputnik V would be available in the coming days. For this vaccination, 70 centers were opened on Saturday in Moscow. Local doctors, teachers and corps workers have been urged to schedule their time for this. The mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin, said that within hours, five thousand people registered.

Russia claims vaccine 95% effective
Scientists who developed “Sputnik V” estimate that it is 95% effective and has no major side effects. However, despite the positive results, mass testing of the vaccine is still ongoing. Thousands of people have signed up for the vaccination. Russia has claimed “Sputnik V” is the world’s first registered corona vaccine, as the government approved in early August. However, many international experts criticized Russia’s move, saying the vaccine had only been tested in several dozen people at the time. In this regard, President Putin said that one of his daughters had received the initial vaccine.

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