Start of the second edition of the United Nations Global Compact program for the empowerment of women in business

Start of the second edition of the United Nations Global Compact program for the empowerment of women in business

The United Nations Global Compact continues to focus its efforts on involving the business sector in the greatest sustainable development challenges of our time, including the achievement of effective equality between women and men (SDG 5) . To contribute to this Objective, more specifically to its objective 5.5, it offers its member entities to participate in the Target Gender Equality (TGE) acceleration program, which is now entering its second edition with the participation of more than 500 companies from 45 countries. , 36 of them Spanish. These are:

Abertis Infraestructuras ADA Cloud, SL AddProject, SL Alain Afflelou Espaa, SAU Aubay Spain Cables de Comunicaciones Zaragoza, SL Caparrs Nature, SL Cellnex Telecom Compaa Logstica de Hidrocarburos CLH, SA Cuatrecasas Gonalves Pereira, SLP Dekra Industriales en Babia Ediciones, SA, SL EN FCC Construccin, SA GAE South Communities, SL Global Dominion Access, SA Grupo Nueva Pescanova Grupo Red Elctrica ICDQ Certification Institute, SL Importaco Ingreen Innovacin, SL Innovaris, SL La Buena Huella, SL Luz Solidaria, SL Lyma Getafe SAM Onhoff Technologies & Solutions, SL Red2Red Consultores, SL Renfe Operadora Servicios Reunidos Externalizacin, SL Solaria Energa y Medio Ambiente, SA Solarpack Corporacin Tecnolgica, SA UHY Fay & Co. Unin Castellana de Alimentacin, SA (UCALSA) Vellsam Materias Bioactivas, SL ViewNext, SA

Thus, our country’s companies are once again positioning themselves as the most numerous within this international acceleration program. A position that highlights the role of the United Nations Global Compact in Spain as a leading initiative for corporate sustainability in Spain.

According to Cristina Snchez, Executive Director of the United Nations Global Compact for Spain, “By joining the program, Spanish companies are once again demonstrating that their commitment goes beyond words and that they act decisively by seeking to get the biggest contribution. to the SDG 5, which is also the most worked by the entities adhering to the initiative in Spain. At a time when all the studies reveal slow and insufficient progress on this objective, programs such as Target Gender Equality have proved to be a lever to accelerate progress and more effectively achieve the objectives of Agenda 2030 ”.

Target Gender Equality was born in 2019 with the aim of promoting the presence of women on company boards and in management positions. To do this, it guides member entities in setting and achieving ambitious goals in terms of representation and leadership of women at all levels through performance analysis, capacity building workshops, peer learning and dialogue with multiple interest groups nationally and internationally.

During its first edition, 300 entities participated, including 42 from Spain. Among the results of the same, data such as 100% of participating companies have already implemented an action plan and / or identify actions to be able to create a new plan to promote the representation and leadership of women or that 95 % of the Spanish participants already have a goal of equality between women and men in their company or have started to write it. These percentages ensure the effectiveness of the program, which already has more than 800 participants in total.

For another year, the program has the support of a coalition of experts from the United Nations, large companies and local organizations, such as the Women’s Institute of the Spanish government and the CEOE.

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