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The essentials The state and the realization consortium demanded payment of 596 million euros as well as one million and 300,000 euros in moral damages.

This Tuesday, June 1, the state and CDR, the entity in charge of managing the debt of Crédit Lyonnais, demanded nearly $ 596 million for repairs during Bernard Tapie ‘s appeal for arbitration fraud in 2008, RTL reported .

In the absence of the entrepreneur and his legal advisor, lawyers had to plead. The latter had also left the hearing on May 25 after a referral request was rejected on medical grounds after Bernard Tapie was hospitalized.

In this case, the former head of OM and the five other defendants, including Orange boss Stéphane Richard, are accused of having failed a private arbitration that is supposed to end a conflict between Bernard Tapie and Crédit Lyonnais over the resale of Adidas.

In July 2008, the arbitrators came to the conclusion that the bank had made a “mistake” and awarded Bernard Tapie 403 million euros. The state and the Consortium of Recovery (CDR), a company owned by the public sector, demanded payment of this amount plus interest this Tuesday, ie 596 million euros, as well as one million and 300,000 euros of moral damage.

The amount to be reimbursed is still disputed in court

In 2015 the judgment for civil fraud was overturned and the entrepreneur was already sentenced to repay the money received, the amount of which, however, is still being discussed in court in another aspect of these proceedings.

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