State of alarm puts 90% of the population in check and causes widespread anxiety

State of alarm puts 90% of the population in check and causes widespread anxiety

According to a study by THE HOLISTIC CONCEPT carried out on 1200 people, 78% of those consulted (including 71% women and 29% men), agree that confinement and “the new normal” affected them – and affects their mood on a daily basis, 92% of respondents feeling “constant worry”, 57% “fear of the future” and 40% “usual anxiety”.

The “ We Want to Know Your State of Mind ” survey, conducted by THE HOLISTIC CONCEPT, highlights the need for more tools (and use of them) to improve individual emotional management and practice good. -be more “ seriously ”, in this way we can be and feel better about ourselves, because the conclusions are quite alarming:

* Study carried out with 1,200 participants. 71% of women. 29% men. Aged 19 to 65, of which more than 50% between 35 and 55. They have participants from various parts of the world like the United States, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Uruguay, Argentina, Nicaragua, France, Switzerland and Spain (which represents 87% of the survey).

After analyzing the results of the survey and seeing the growing need to improve the individual well-being of people, Marta Snchez-Moreno and Carla Snchez, creators of THE HOLISTIC CONCEPT ( have set up a new ‘Premium’ service so that any individual, in addition to businesses, can benefit from more than 200 quality content (stretching, guided relaxation and breathing practices, postural correction, etc.) and thus help them control and reduce stress, tension or anxiety.

“Before, individuals could take advantage of a“ Freemium ”service which had several content limitations. From now on, everyone can access our platform and practice their well-being with an à la carte menu and 100% personalized “on the go” “, says Marta Snchez-Moreno, co-founder and CEO in charge of commercial strategy and marketing. “With this new“ Premium ”service, accessible via free registration and a monthly or annual subscription, the user is free to identify his needs in order to choose the practice that best corresponds to his objectives. Our ‘Daily Status’ personalizes this selection according to the state of mind of each one ”, comments Carla Snchez, co-founder and architect of the THC methodology.



– Access to 100% of the content: more than 200 videos and audios in 26 thematic programs and with precise objectives.

-Access to the ‘Daily Resets’ (live sessions): 4 per week from Monday to Thursday, available 24 hours a day and are reposted from Friday to Sunday for those who want to rehearse, deepen or for those who missed it.

-Exclusive sessions with various guest well-being professionals: 1 per month.

– Release of new content: 1 per week.

-Two types of membership: monthly payment of 4’90 euros or annual payment of 36 euros.

‘Freemium’: The current version includes:

-1 week free trial with access to 100% content and “ daily resets ” (live sessions)

-Once the trial period has elapsed, the user can browse the entire platform to learn about the programs, read the synopses … but only access 15% of the open content and will not have access to the live sessions, both weekly as well as those of visiting professionals.

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