state of world nuclear forces: india has less than 5 nuclear bombs from pakistan, updated list of destructive weapons by the fas – state of world nuclear forces new list india has 5 less nuclear weapons than pakistan

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India has 5 nuclear bombs less than Pakistan, 165 nuclear weapons in Dawapakistan, 160 most active nuclear weapons near the United States, Dawakpashistan in second list of SAF, Russia in second place
A new list has been released by the Federation of American Scientists (FAS), an organization that monitors existing nuclear weapons with countries around the world. He says India has less than five nuclear bombs from its main rival, Pakistan. Pakistan has 165 atomic bombs in total, while India has 160. He states that between 1985 and 1990, the largest number of nuclear weapons were manufactured in the world.

Four countries in the world have active nuclear weapons
The FAS said there are four countries in the world that have nuclear weapons ready to be attacked. The United States tops the list with 1,800 active nuclear weapons. After which comes the number for Russia. Russia has 1,600 numbers of active nuclear weapons. France is in third place and Great Britain in fourth place.

America has the most nuclear weapons
The United States has 1,800 nuclear warheads ready to be deployed in ballistic missiles and deployed to various locations. The total number of nuclear weapons available to the United States is 5,550, of which 3,800 are held in stock. Apart from this, there are 1,750 such weapons, which are kept in an inactive state after reaching their age.

Russia is none the less in terms of nuclear weapons
Russia also has fewer nuclear weapons than the United States. If we include the old atomic bombs, then this number is even more than that of the United States. In the list published by the FAS, Russia has 1,600 nuclear weapons. If you combine active and stored weapons, that number rises to 4497. Russia has a combined total of 6257 weapons with obsolete nuclear bombs.

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