Statement by shah mehmood qureshi: Pakistan FM angry with Afghanistan NSA statement: Pakistani foreign minister angry at Afghanistan’s national security adviser

Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi attacked Afghan National Security Advisor Hamdullah Mohib. Responding to reprehensible remarks in Pakistan, Qureshi said, “Listen to me carefully, Afghanistan’s national security adviser. As Pakistan’s foreign minister, I say no Pakistani will shake your hand or speak to you if you don’t stop the language you use and blame Pakistan.

According to the Dawn newspaper report, Pakistan has told Afghanistan it will not do any official business because of Mohib’s remarks. Qureshi alleged that the Afghan NSA is creating obstacles for Afghanistan to move towards peace and worsen the situation instead of improving it.

Qureshi said that from Pakistani prime minister to army chief went to Kabul for peace talks, but Mohib still made shocking remarks against Pakistan. Mohib had called Pakistan a mess.

“My blood is boiling”
Qureshi said: ‘You should be ashamed and regret the words and my blood is boiling after your speech. Improve your behavior and think about it. I say to the whole international community that if this continues, this person who calls himself the NSA of Afghanistan will play the role of disruptor of the peace.

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