Statue of Princess Diana: Prince Harry and William unite for Diana

The British royal family has been in the news for some time due to controversies. Prince Harry gave such an interview to his wife Meghan Markle that later his relationship with his older brother William began to be called into question. However, now the two brothers have reunited again. It can’t be said if the two have reconciled yet, but for the unveiling of a statue in honor of Mother Diana, the two have decided to settle their grievances.

mother remembers
On the 60th anniversary of Diana’s birth at Kensington Palace, the two said they wish their mother was with them every day. He said, “We miss his love, his courage and his character. Such qualities that made him a force for good all over the world and in many lifetimes. He expressed hope that the statue of Diana will always be seen as a symbol of his life and legacy. Both also thanked the world for remembering their mother.

laugh together
Earlier, the two also reunited on Prince Philip’s death in April. Harry now lives in America with Megan. He had only been to the UK last week. Reports said that during the event, the two brothers seemed quite comfortable and were also seen laughing to each other. The Cardan Consecration Palace was one of Diana’s favorite places and has been redecorated. 4000 flowers were planted there which took 1000 hours.

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