Stimulus and COASHIQ are working together to lay the foundations for good management of psychosocial risks

Stimulus and COASHIQ are working together to lay the foundations for good management of psychosocial risks

Collaboration between the two organizations to lay the foundation to create healthy organizations

BY RRHHDigital, 04:15 – 25 June 2021

Stimulus, a company specializing in psychological health and well-being at work, has signed an agreement with COASHIQ, professional association of chemical industries, for a period of two years and with the aim of helping all its associates in the promotion of the safety industry in the field of psychological health and well-being at work to create healthy organizations.

COASHIQ es una asociacin empresarial sin nimo de lucro que nace in 1985 con el objetivo de ser un referente en la gestin de la Seguridad Industrial y la Salud Laboral para las industrias qumicas y Afines, y que trabaja por el bienestar de los trabajadores y la sostenibilidad of the environment.

After the pandemic, COASHIQ became aware of the importance it has acquired in taking care of the psychological health of workers, regardless of the sector, and this is why it has developed, with Stimulus, a vast program of actions aimed at providing its associates with information to improve the mental health care of its workers.

Actions to take care of psychological health

To achieve this objective, Stimulus will carry out a series of joint actions of lasting collaboration with COASHIQ, among which stand out:

Consulting events, where a Stimulus expert will answer questions asked by COASHIQ associates. Previously, a survey and a selection of questions will be carried out

Webinars in which topics of interest in the management of psychosocial risks at work are developed in a participatory manner. The possibility for COASHIQ associates who wish to participate in working groups to improve the metrics and methodologies developed by Stimulus. Articles on current events, news and developments related to psychosocial risk management and the protection of mental health in organizations,

In addition, COASHIQ could collaborate step by step in the construction of metrics in all phases of the process, thus contributing to participating companies:

Pedagogue. The partner knows in practice the different stages of construction of the evaluation instrument, its foundations and its results, Participation. Join a working group adding value to the company it represents and to the Content. When assessing, in practice, psychosocial risks in your own business in the process, in addition to other possible indicators that can be included.

According to Fernando Toledano, head of methodology and data analysis at Stimulus Spain, “this project underlines the importance that, after the pandemic, taking charge of the psychological health of employees takes on for companies. At Stimulus, we provide HR managers and managers with the necessary tools to detect any problem ”.

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