Stimulus designs a training offer for the promotion of health in the workplace, adapted to work “ at home ”

Stimulus designs a training offer for the promotion of health in companies, adapted to work “ at home ”

Stimulus, a company specializing in psychological health and well-being at work, makes its training programs available to its customers, to meet the current needs of companies related to mental health, and which cover these particularly critical issues, by highlighting 3 major lines: stress / health promotion; social relations / hostility; and finally, leadership.

These programs have been designed with formats and tools adapted to a remote work situation. Thus, the face-to-face offer is maintained and remote formats are added: webinar-type group sessions, interactive web workshops for small groups, and a constantly evolving e-learning offer.

New legislation

In the current context, in the middle of the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic in Spain, we can no longer speak of unpredictability or surprise. A good proof of this is that there is more and more legislation which guides and regulates some of the good practices which have developed since March, in relation to the world of work.

One of the latest regulations published in the BOE is the Royal Decree on Remote Work, which details some relevant aspects of the organization of work from the home of each employee. The document includes, among other things, the obligation to assess the occupational risks that may be present in new jobs, with a specific mention of ergonomic and psychosocial jobs, in which various specific aspects that must be addressed by organizations are detailed:

Breakdown of the working day Uptime Guarantee of disconnection

In addition to these, other known psychosocial risks, such as stress or violence at work, must be managed again from the perspective of remote work (new sources for the rest of the company’s staff, etc.) .

It is the decree itself which gives indications on how to meet these new needs through training. In his article 9, he describes how training is one of the main tools with which the company must guarantee the good development of its activity.

According to Carlos Toni, of Stimulus, “this proposal aims to provide effective coverage of new personal and professional needs, not only in terms of health promotion, but also in terms of strategic skills for excellent performance at work. in the actual context “.

In this sense, Stimulus has scheduled free open sessions to experience its approach firsthand. The first of the training sessions designed by Stimulus will talk about resilience as a basic skill for personal management of uncertainty and healthcare, and the next will address social relationships through the lens of conflict.

In this link, you can access all the information on the Stimulus training offer.

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