Stimulus organizes an international event on how to build an international strategy for well-being at work

Stimulus organizes an international event on how to build an international strategy for well-being at work

Stimulus, a company specializing in psychological health and well-being at work, is organizing an international event on June 23 aimed at companies wishing to design and implement an international strategy for well-being at work.

The COVID-19 crisis, which has affected all countries on five continents, has made psychological health at work a global concern for companies. Recent figures and studies show how mental health and psychosocial risks have a strong impact on the workplace. More aware than ever of the need to take care of their employees, international companies are starting to set up, as part of their global HR policies, well-being programs around the world.

For Christine Loos, Director of Human & Work International Strategy and Managing Director of Stimulus Espaa, “from our daily experience with more than 1,500 active clients per year, we have seen an exponential increase in demand for programs, solutions and services. take charge. take care of the emotional health of employees around the world. The implementation of multinational policies is a strategic necessity ”.

“To face this new reality, companies seek to have a single trusted partner, able to offer global solutions adapted to each local reality to offer an optimal experience to employees, with effective tools to maintain productivity. , the commitment, attention and motivation of employees, thus ensuring a global policy of well-being ”, assures Christine Loos.

What companies should keep in mind

Throughout the event, participants will learn aspects such as What is the current situation of the impact of psychological health on businesses at European and international level? How is this affecting businesses globally? What is a comprehensive workplace wellness program? How can this be done? o What are the key success factors in implementing an appropriate emotional well-being policy?

The event, 100% online, will have the participation of David Mah, president of Human & Work, Patrick Legeron, renowned psychiatrist, co-author of important reports on psychosocial risks for the French Ministry of Labor and on burn -out for the French Academy of Medicine, professor at the Institute of Political Studies in Paris and at the University of Geneva, post-doctoral fellow at the University of California, Los Angeles. Drawing on his experience, Legeron brings his international expertise to the reality, challenges and prevention strategies.

The third speaker will be Christine Loos, Director of the International Human & Work Strategy and Managing Director of Stimulus Espaa, who will discuss the keys to success in setting up a global well-being at work program.

Finally, participants will be able to directly discover the experiences of certain multinational clients who already have well-being at work programs and policies and who have opted for a common strategy in their countries.

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