Stopping work and living on dividends in shares is possible

The human resources sector and the employment sector in general are quite complex in many ways. Speaking specifically of work, finding it today can turn out to be a real chimera, especially because of the economic crisis our country is going through.

Many citizens spend a great deal of their free time collecting CVs without any results. Another considerable percentage is frustrated with having to perform work tasks that do not fulfill them the least. Did you know that it is possible to forget everything?

Indeed, thanks to the bag. Of course, it is not easy and requires total dedication for a long time. In the next few lines, we’ll break down several factors to consider in case you intend to take action, leaving out the complicated work environment and receiving benefits from your own home.

Find a referral website

The first thing you need to do is find an online portal through which you can soak up specific information. One of the most recommended today is the one known as Bolsa24. And that’s no wonder, because these are experts who have been operating the IBEX-35 for years.

At the start of your activity, there will be many terms that you do not know, the meanings of which can be found by consulting a glossary. You will also find strategies that you probably don’t understand, so it will be essential that you read content created by specialists who, at the time, just like you, were also newbies.

This is why they know how to address a public who has no notions of the stock market and who, despite this aspect, wants to be able to live from its investments in shares.

Draw the best possible strategy

One of the crucial details that this type of webpage affects the most is summed up in that you are only investing that money that you won’t miss out on later. The stock market does not present as much risk as other transactions, thus illustrating the choice of fairly volatile cryptocurrencies. However, as with any investment, it can backfire.

A clear example of this happened recently. We are talking about the losses suffered during the drop in stocks following the start of the pandemic, early last year.

But almost all of them, sooner or later, end up being reversed and can generate some luscious benefits. This is demonstrated by companies that are already recovering. From a loss of around 20 percent, they are now around thirteen points.

In other words, those who buy shares in a consolidated company today, could experience a considerable increase thanks to the recovery of the economy which is likely estimated for mid-2021, when the vaccine has already produced a vaccination of the population at risk.

Other good strategies are to invest in companies that are expected to grow over the next few years. In Spain, we have a few examples, in particular with energy companies which are gradually betting on renewable sources without damaging the ecosystem.

Of course, beyond our borders there are much more obvious samples, like Amazon. The same Warren Buffet, who you’ve probably heard of if you’re interested in the stock market, recently allocated huge sums of money to buy shares in the giant created by Jeff Bezos.

Spanish companies with high dividend yield

Companies that are part of the IBEX-35 are not obligated to distribute dividends. However, it is an action which makes them acquire transcendence and popularity as companies, so in the event of success of their last operations, they do not hesitate to reward the shareholders.

Therefore, by choosing to acquire shares in companies that distribute dividends with a high percentage of profitability, you can get thousands of dollars per year. This translates into a monthly salary, without having to do anything other than reinvest your savings.

As long as this trading strategy works, it is essential to go for companies like the ones we will mention below. The one cited in the previous paragraphs, Enags, is one of the most recommended. At the time of this writing, the dividend yield is 8.5%, currently in the top 3 of the entire IBEX-35.

There is another company which, if possible, is above energy: we are referring to Repsol, which is currently achieving returns of over eleven points. Telefnica, although it is true that it covers similar figures, distributes shares by way of capital increase, so it will not be used for this strategy.

The list of companies that if you go with them and have considerable savings for the investment does not end there, they will provide you with a sizable salary. To those already mentioned, we must add others such as Naturgy, ACS, Mapfre and Red Elctrica.

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