Stories are coming to the Xbox app for Android and iOS

It might sound like a joke, but no, the fashions are there for a reason and the stories, the original invention of Snapchat, have stuck. Today it is the Xbox app, which could almost be considered a social network.

Stories also have a place in Xbox games

In fact, if we think about it, it makes sense. The content that is usually uploaded to this app are short videos or pictures from our games. Stories give us the value of the ephemeral within Xbox and allow us to highlight something that we loved but that doesn’t need to be on our wall.

Today we are bringing the official gaming stories to the Xbox app – because everyone deserves to see this reachless.

– Xbox (@Xbox) June 16, 2021

In fact, the Xbox app worked great and the inclusion of this new feature was unnecessary. However, their inclusion is appreciated. It gives us this ability to express ourselves differently and, going back to the situation before, which social network is not using Stories today? If even LinkedIn has implemented them.

That’s why, although we have stories anywhere, they don’t feel bad for the social network and we will try to give it some use. At least it looks like the team behind this app always has new ideas for its apps.

Finally, we have to point out that this will allow many content creators to come up with funny stories about different events while we play. With the arrival of Xbox Cloud Gaming, the app in question needs to become more relevant. A way to promote not only post them but also see those of exceptional people.

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