strange figure in antarctica: strange thing seen over ice in antarctica, nasa scientist also shocked – nasa broke something rising above ice in antarctica, know the relationship to the disaster from mont erebus

The strange figure on the white sheet of snow spread over thousands of square kilometers in Antarctica remains a topic of discussion these days. Scientists from the US Space Agency (NASA) are also studying this jagged kilometer-long structure above the ice. It is claimed that this shape forms on ice due to an object landing quickly and sliding around for miles. However, scientists have questioned this claim.

Scientists are also amazed at the jagged icy structure cited Dot UK in its report citing Science Channel’s What on Earth program, according to which the image appears to have been created by hitting something in sight. Aviation reporter Joe Pappalardo said there could have been a quick landing there, which could have created such structures in the snow. He also cited the incident of a 1979 New Zealand passenger plane crashing into the icy storm. This accident is also known as the Mount Erebus disaster.

A NASA scientist said that a rare glacier
NASA scientist Dr Kelly Brunt is often involved in research programs in the Antarctic region. He reported that a seven mile long wall of jagged ice appears in the frozen sea of ​​McMurdo Sound. He said it was a rare type of glacier. Which consists of millions of tons of ice flowing through Mount Erebus in frozen seas.

What was the disaster of Mount Erebus
On November 28, 1979, at 7:21 p.m., Air New Zealand flight 901 took off from Auckland Airport for a tour of Antarctica. A few hours after the flight, the aircraft pilots reported good weather and good visibility. But as the plane approached Mount Erebus, the pilots were surrounded by a strange and terrible optical illusion. During this time, they started to see only white around them. This is called the white veil.

257 people died
Geologist Dr. Alan Lester pointed out that during whiteout you only see the color white. It is simply a situation where white is visible everywhere. This phenomenon occurs due to the white glacier below and the white cloud above. During this time, it is not possible to know what is up or down. The crash killed 20 of the plane’s crew as well as 237 passengers.

Thousands of researchers reach Antarctica every year
Each year, more than 1,000 researchers arrive in the snow-covered desert (Antarctica). As well as finding secrets hidden here, they are also monitoring climate change. In some places in this region, the temperature reaches minus 90 degrees Celsius. Due to difficult geographical conditions, many areas of Antarctica are only monitored by satellite.

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