Strange news: Chinese woman finds out on her son’s wedding day that the bride is her long-lost daughter

A unique case was observed during a wedding in China. In this marriage, the bride and groom were getting married, when the eyes of the boy’s mother fell on his future daughter-in-law. Seeing the hands, the mother’s senses flew and she began to cry frantically. In fact, the married groom was a separated sister in her childhood. Dulhan had a birthmark on his hands and his mother recognized her daughter upon seeing it.

The incident is from Sozhou in China’s Jiangsu Province and the wedding was on March 31. According to Chinese media, seeing the mark made in Dulhan’s hand, the mother questioned her current parents. It was discovered that around 20 years ago Dulhan’s current parents adopted her and until now it has remained a secret. Dulhan’s current parents said they found the baby on the road a long time ago.

Did the bride and groom get married?
The parents said they have been with the child since then. After this revelation, the bride looked very happy with the wedding. Dulhan is excited to learn more about his birth parents. Dulhan said the opportunity was more than happy for her on the wedding day. However, a new turn in marriage came at a time when there was no ban on marriage.

It is said that the groom was also adopted and the real mother of the bride had no objection to this marriage. According to local media, around 20 years ago, when Dulhan’s real mother failed to find her daughter, she adopted a child. Now his real daughter is married to this child. Dulhan’s real mother said she had searched for her daughter for many years but could not find her. The guests of this wedding congratulated the mother-daughter for achieving double happiness.

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