Stratesys focuses on young talents and digital technology with the hiring of 50 new graduates

Stratesys focuses on young talents and digital technology with the hiring of 50 new graduates

The Spanish multinational Stratesys, a native digital hub between Europe and America, organized last July the 3rd edition of its “Stratesys Academy”, the Young Talent program with which it offers new graduates promotions an opportunity to start their career. professional career in the world. innovation and technology.

For this new edition, around 80 graduates took part, previously chosen after a rigorous candidate selection process, and from various university degrees and academic fields: engineering (IT, systems, telecommunications and industrial), mathematics, ADE or social relations, among others.

During the program, the selected people received a complete training course, provided by consulting professionals, and organized around different functional areas (financial, logistics, purchasing, human resources, etc.) of the SAP platform, a world-leading technology, in which Stratesys is a recognized expert firm and whose demand for profiles on the job market is booming.

At the end of this third edition, the consulting firm has already launched an intense plan to integrate young talents into the company which will be completed at the beginning of September, and which will provide access to the first job for 50 participants in the program. , accompanied by a personalized career plan and continuing training, which includes both skills development and technological training in order to facilitate their integration into the world of work.

Strategic plan 2021-2023

Since the start of the year, the multinational has already increased its human team by 10%, reaching 1,100 current professionals, spread across its vast network of offices and expert centers located in Europe and America. This growth is part of Stratesys’ ambitious strategic plan for 2021-2023, in which the firm commitment to attract talent and create jobs takes a preponderant place, providing for reaching 1,500 employees in 2023, which represents an increase of 50% compared to the figure with which the financial year 2021 started

To achieve this objective, Stratesys is already training and integrating new professionals who are experts in new digital realities based on various technologies such as Big Data, hyperautomatization, artificial intelligence, IoT or extended reality, among others.

Precisely in this same line, the consulting firm is already working on the planning of the 4th edition of its “Stratesys Academy”, scheduled for the coming months and focused on this type of technology.

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