Strengthening the corporate culture, the key to the success of hybrid work

74% of Spanish workers consider internal communication essential to overcome the challenge of physical dispersion, and 49% demand greater recognition of their professional achievements

BY RRHHDigital, 12:15 – March 26, 2021

A strong corporate culture is one of the key elements for success in the new hybrid work environment. According to the Cisco Workforce of the Future study, workers find frequent and effective communication essential to increased recognition and professional development.

In Spain, although many remote workers see themselves as skilled and trusted by their bosses, there is still a significant minority who fear being left behind. One in five people (18%) don’t think their boss will trust their job without careful supervision. And while half (51%) of Spanish employees feel recognized, 49% feel that their achievements are overlooked.

The possibility of progress is another of the main concerns, as 42% of Spanish workers fear that not “sitting” near their boss will affect their professional career. Communication is essential for meeting the challenge of physical dispersion, as well as for maintaining a sense of stability and autonomy. 74% of Spanish employees consider that the more the teams are dispersed, the more managers need to strengthen communication.

Digital skills and tools

Training and development remain a priority for those consulted, in particular in the technical aspects of daily work. 85% of Spanish workers request training in technology and digital skills, and more than half (57%) fear they will not receive such training.

Equipping employees with the right tools to connect and collaborate is also essential. While 60% of those consulted say they have all the technology they need for teleworking, four in ten Spanish workers think it can be improved.

Cloud collaboration platforms equipped with AI and advanced analytics deliver new features like facial detection, transcriptions and translations, facilitating the collaboration of dispersed and diverse teams, driving innovation and strengthening the commitment.

“Workers choose companies for many reasons, including their culture and values. As we move towards the new hybrid and remote working model, we need to take extra steps to make sure everyone is seen as involved. Culture and technology play a fundamental role in making diverse and dispersed employees and teams feel included and connected, ”said Michel Rodrguez, Director of Collaboration at Cisco Spain.

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