Strong message from Belarra to highlight the children’s law

Publication: Thursday, May 20, 2021 12:25

The Minister of Social Rights has repeated it twice. “An abuser will never be a good father. I repeat. An abuser will never be a good father.” This is how energetic Ione Belarra has been. And it is that the Children’s Law, better known as the Rhodes Law, includes the possibility that abusive parents will not see their children. A historic request made by feminist groups and associations in favor of battered women.

Belarra, who thanked Equality Minister Irene Montero for her collaboration in introducing a gender perspective into the law, highlighted some improvements included in the text in relation to gender-based violence.

More specifically, it highlighted the prohibition of parental alienation syndrome or the strengthening of the imperative nature of the suspension of the visitation regime for the father when the minor has witnessed situations of gender-based violence. Thus, the minister explained that the discrediting of the testimonies of minors and the framework of impunity that had been generated ends, even in cases where the father himself has been denounced for mistreatment or mistreatment of children. An injustice that was applied alleging manipulation of mother to children.

Belarra also underlined the importance of the creation of a Council of State for the participation of the children, to listen to the proposals of the minors with a view to the development of policies which concern them.

At this point he spoke to children and adolescents living in Spain. “This law is yours, I am not asking you to defend it at all costs. Be critical, evaluate us and tell us what is missing,” he asked them.

The minister described the approved children’s law as a “milestone” in congressional plenary. “A before and after” in the protection of the rights of the child, which, he says, places Spain “at the forefront” at the international level in this dossier.

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