Strongest Passport: It is the strongest passport in the world in 2021, India ranked in the list of the most powerful passports in the world for 2021, India ranked 85th, Pakistan passport ranking

How passport strength is decided

The strength or ranking of a country’s passport is based on the number of countries its holders can travel without a prior visa. It just means how many countries provide visa on arrival to citizens of the country concerned. Visa on arrival is mainly granted to friendly countries, where there is no threat to the country from its citizens. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) gives its data.

Japan’s passport is the most powerful in the world

This time, Asian countries occupy the top three places in the 2021 Henley & Partners’ Passport Index Global Ranking. Japan ranks first in this area. Where citizens have the installation of Visa on arrival in 191 countries of the world. The Japanese will not have to wait for the first visa to visit these 191 countries of the world. Second place is Singapore, where Indian citizens have access to visa-free access to 190 countries. South Korea and Germany jointly occupy the third position. In which the citizens of South Korea were granted visa on arrival in 189 countries.

Where is India in the list of powerful passports

The Indian passport ranks 85th in the Henley Passport Index. 58 countries around the world allow Indian passport holders to enter without a prior visa. This place has Tajikistan with India. India ranked 84 in 2020. Even then, 58 countries around the world allowed Indian citizens to enter visa-free.

America got seventh place

The United States is in seventh position with 5 other countries in terms of strong passports. These countries include Belgium, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. US citizens have visa-free access to 185 countries around the world. Along with America, five other countries that occupy this place also have similar facilities in 185 countries.

Where are China and Pakistan

Passport Index Global ranked China 70th on this list. Chinese citizens have the option of entering 75 countries without a visa. Let us know that there are many important cases of espionage from China. This is the reason why Chinese citizens find it difficult to obtain visas in many countries of the world even after maintaining so much influence. At the same time, the condition of Pakistan in this list is very pathetic. Pakistan, supplier of terrorism to the world, is at the bottom of the list in fourth position. Pakistan is ranked 107th. Pakistani nationals only have access to visas in 32 countries.

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3-Germany, South Korea

4-Finland, Italy, Luxembourg, Spain

5-Austria, Denmark

6-France, Ireland, Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden

7-Belgium, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States

8-Australia, Czech Republic, Greece, Malta



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