study identifies six new worker profiles

Poly (NYSE: POLY), the company that creates premium audio and video products, conducted an analysis of changing work styles and identified six different worker profiles from which companies can base their needs. technologies in the workplace. In this sense, the ability of companies to recognize and adapt to these profiles will allow them to be more efficient and productive in a world increasingly shaped by regional particularities, the pandemic and new ways of working.

These six profiles, which together represent 92% of a typical company, have differentiated character traits. Indeed, by identifying the attributes, weak points and communication intensities associated with each profile, companies will be better able to adapt existing devices and technologies to the work styles and behaviors of their employees. This, in turn, will result in higher organizational productivity and a more cohesive meeting experience for workers who collaborate from different locations.

The remaining 8% of employees who are not part of these six profiles fall under the profile of independent office worker. This group includes those who perform autonomous functions and have little need to use communication and collaboration technologies.

According to Jennifer Adams, Senior Head of Selling and Training Experience at Poly: We have been studying worker profiles for almost a decade, but it has never been more important than today to truly understand the typology of personalities within business and community. make the most of them. Although this study was conducted during the COVID-19 era, we believe that the behavioral changes seen in the workplace will be sustained over the long term. Identifying them and making sure everyone has the right tools and devices to maximize efficiency and productivity is key to having an efficient and performing workforce, both now and for years to come.

The six worker profiles

1. Office worker

These profiles tend to represent the largest proportion of the workforce (27%) in companies and are characterized by the development of a more traditional office-based style of work but with a high degree of collaboration. This makes them very comfortable with new technologies. However, this profile has to deal with constant background noise and interruptions, as well as the need to manage its communication smoothly between different devices. According to the findings of the study, a marked reduction in this worker profile is to be expected in the future, due to their desire for greater work flexibility in the future.

In terms of products, office workers typically use an average of 3.8 different devices on a daily basis to do their jobs: the PC is typically the most used device throughout the day (52% of the time), followed by the smartphone (20%) and landline (13%). Therefore, for these types of profiles, the most suitable products would be DECTTM wireless headsets that allow you to connect to multiple devices at the same time, such as the Savi 8200 Office, as well as professional webcams for personal use, such as than the new Poly Studio P5.

2. Flexible worker

With a routine of dividing their time between the office, home office and travel, 20% of employees are now flexible workers who keep innovating and adapting their communication channels due to the how often they connect remotely and on the go. Among the various risks they face are difficulty collaborating with colleagues and lack of important information in the office. Therefore, they should always stay connected and communicate through various devices to minimize this risk. The size of this profile is likely to grow as office workers who want to work more flexibly adjust to working from home as well as the office.

Travel is common for this type of user as they work at different locations throughout the day and therefore need devices that are easy to carry and use. In that sense, solutions such as the Voyager 6200 UC Bluetooth headset and Poly’s Studio P5 professional webcam can help you minimize collaboration challenges, especially for those now entering this new era of flexible working.

3. Remote worker

In today’s businesses, 15% of the workforce is in this segment. It’s a profile that mostly connects from home and therefore reduces the ability to hold in-person meetings. This challenges you to increase the efficiency and productivity of remote collaboration and therefore makes it essential to equip yourself with multiple devices, unified communication systems and technologies that facilitate remote communication. This profile is expected to continue to grow in the years to come due to the recent trial phase of teleworking globally, driven primarily by COVID-19.

Teleworkers are more productive at home than other types of users. They are comfortable using a PC or smartphone to connect to meetings, and more than half use the video features on a daily basis. For these, Bluetooth stereo headsets such as the Voyager Focus UC or the Poly Studio P15 personal video bar are the best solutions for keeping effective business communication channels open from different locations.

4. Desktop communicator

Office communicators are more comfortable with familiar systems and devices, such as desk phones. They make up 13% of the workforce and among the main challenges they face are distractions caused by interruptions, background noise and lack of privacy in calls. and is one of the groups most keen on a return to normalcy.

This type of profile tends to use the phone more for communications than video calling tools or meeting rooms and looks for solutions that are easy to use. For them, headsets like the PolyBlackwire 8225, which are comfortable, simple and make listening and being heard more clearly the ideal solution for their needs.

5. Connected manager

These tech-savvy business leaders make up 12% of a typical workforce. They go where necessary to make decisions and solve problems. Due to their versatile working style, they use more communication tools than any other profile. Their weak points are distractions, interruptions and unpredictable background noise, as they have to be connected at all times and through all kinds of devices. Managers will have to stay connected, so this profile will hardly change in the future.

Your leadership role in meetings and the mobility they have between spaces requires that you focus on delivering the highest quality audio and video experience. For them, solutions like the Voyager Focus UC Stereo Bluetooth Headphones and Poly’s Studio P15 Personal Video Bar are best suited to their way of working.

6. King of the asphalt

The asphalt kings – 5% of the workforce – are always on the move, to the point of spending more than half of their time working outside the office. They need highly portable and easy-to-use solutions that eliminate noise and reduce the possibility of loss of connection reliability. Some may still need to travel occasionally to perform work tasks that require personal contact. The size of this group will remain stable as people who were unable to travel during the pandemic will return to normal.

For these types of workers, who travel and commute frequently, the devices must be portable and must be able to connect to smartphones. For them, solutions like the Poly Voyager 5200 UC headphones that deliver professional sound and Windsmart technology that eliminates background noise may be the perfect solution.

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