study of Jainism in the United States: study of Jainism at the American university, establishment of a bench – Jainism will be studied at the University of California in the United States the chair is established

The University of California in America established a Jain study bench at the university after receiving a million dollar donation from three Indo-American couples. Undergraduate programs in Jainism will be developed and taught at the Lord Vimalnath Endowed Chair at the Jain Studies University of California, Santa Barbara.

He was informed by the university that a study of the principles of Jainism, Ahimsa, Aparigraha and pluralism will be carried out here and that special attention will be paid to their implementation in modern society. According to the statement, Dr Meera and Dr Jaswant Modi donated through the Vardhman Charitable Foundation. Rita and Dr Narendra Parsan donated through the Narendra & Rita Parson Family Trust and Raksha and Harshad Shah through the Shah Family Foundation.

The three couples said in a joint statement: “The most effective way to help humanity and life in all its forms and to fight climate change is to promote the principle of non-violence and to respect people. of all faiths. Supporting and setting up a bench for Jain studies is the best way to achieve this goal.

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