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Unreal Engine 5 Game News: New Stunning Demo Of Epic Games Engine Released May 26th, 2021 6:10 PM After being amazed in May 2020 with a stunning demo running on PlayStation 5, the Unreal Engine 5, the home Epic Games Engine returns to the top of the stage today with a long video detailing all the specifics. Before we get into those many points though, let’s give way to the big news of the day: Unreal Engine 5 is finally available for early access. From now on, developers interested in the Epic Games engine can download Unreal Engine 5 from the publisher’s official website. In fact, the revolutionary engine is finally available for early access. Generate real-time 3D content and experience more freedom, fidelity and flexibility than ever before. Today, Unreal Engine 5 enters Early Access, giving you your first chance to get your hands on innovative new tools for next-generation game development. Epic Games also used this announcement to start a first project on Unreal Engine 5. The latter, called Valley of the Ancient, is already available for download and shows how to use the engine’s new features. Good news, budding hackers with a good machine can even change the project.

New products in detail

In the brand new engine overview video available above, Chance Ivey, Senior Technical Designer at Epic Games, and Galen Davis, Producer of Quixel at Epic Games, focus on the various additions to Unreal Engine 5, starting with the Lumen technology that particular offers Dynamic global lighting that reacts in real time to changes made by developers. As we have already explained in our previous news, this new tool, like ray tracing, makes it possible to obtain flares of light, as well as indirect reflections on the surroundings. Another tool that was featured in detail earlier, Nanite, allows developers to save time by importing 3D models from third-party software like ZBrush directly into a scene from Unreal Engine 5. The goal is to virtualize everything quickly, with geometry made up of hundreds of millions or even billions of micropolygons, Chance Ivey and Galen Davis also point out that the Epic Games engine makes it possible to create open worlds much faster. In fact, multiple members of the same team can now work together on the same zone, with no software conflicts, thanks to a completely new system called One File Per Actor. One of our ongoing goals is to make open worlds faster, easier and more collaborative for teams of all sizes. With Unreal Engine 5, a new world partitioning system changes the way layers are handled and served, automatically dividing the world into a grid and sending the required cells. Also note that the animation part of the engine has also been reworked and corrected in the correct order. again to save the creators precious seconds. The latter is particularly enriched by new tools such as the control rig or the new pose browser. Finally, Epic Games is also introducing the MetaSounds option, which, as the name suggests, allows you to manage the sound portion of various video game productions. Better still, this feature works with all aspects of audio rendering to generate procedural audio experiences. You might also like: By JeromeJoffard, editor at MPTwitter

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