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Best practices in workers’ compensation and employee recognition highlighted

The I Worker’s Compensation Awards keep moving forward: submit your project before February 28

The first edition of the Labor Compensation Awards, organized by RRHHDigital with the support of the Spanish Association of Human Resources Directors, and has Compensa, Edenred, EY, AonyPayflow as competition sponsors, continues to progress. Several companies have already submitted their workers’ compensation plans and many more have indicated their intention to participate.

From the organization, and after hearing the opinion of several of the companies interested in submitting their project, it was decided to extend the delivery time of the works until February 28. The unfavorable circumstances of January such as the cold storm that affected the whole country, the historic snowfall which had a serious influence especially in the central area of ​​our country and the restrictions caused by the third wave of coronavirus, lead to RRHHDigitala to take this decision which only encourages all interested companies to participate in the new competition born in 2021.

This is an award intended to promote and showcase the best initiatives in the field of labor compensation, such as employee benefit plans, flexible compensation, care for physical, mental well-being and financial for workers … as well as how to offer them, on the basis of digitization and flexibility, the major trends in the field of remuneration today.

The competition calendar is as follows: the deadline for receipt of projects will end on February 28, 2021 and they should be sent to From that date, the jury, made up of human resources directors, company executives and compensation experts, will receive the work and will have to highlight the best projects received. The final decision will be made during the month of March at a gala held in Madrid (the format of the gala will depend on health conditions due to the coronavirus pandemic).

The works must be sent, by email, to the following email address: The email should be sent with the subject “Compensation Awards + company name”. Likewise, the author’s identification number, position, a brief curriculum vitae and a photograph will be included.

Consult the rewards rules and send us your project by clicking here!

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