Successful missions to Mars: Video images of Mars by China Rover Mission: Images of the Chinese rover of the Mars mission

Not only the US space agency NASA, but also the CNSA (China National Space Administration) rover is engaged in the search for life on Mars. The Tianwen-1 Zhurong rover, which approached Mars in February, has taken new photos and videos of the surface of the Red Planet. In the video, the lander is seen opening the parachute before landing on Mars, then the lander leaves.

According to the public broadcaster CCTV, the name Zhurong is named after the god of fire in China. According to the statement, the orbiter and the Martian rover are functioning in good condition and reporting safely from Mars. He sent prayers from afar for the completion of 100 years of the establishment of the party (Chinese Communist Party).

He has been working here for 42 days and has walked 236 meters so far. For the first time on May 15, China landed its spacecraft on Mars. The remote-controlled rover had descended from the ramp, after which China became the first country to launch the orbiter, lander and rover in the first mission.

A 6-wheel rover moving through a place called Utopia Planitia on Mars will search for water or ice using radar. Along with this, he will also find signs of life that never existed. He also has laser tools with the help of which he will understand rock chemistry. It runs on solar power and will explore the surface of Mars for around 90 days. It stops after running for a while.

What is China’s mission to Mars that the United States is also considering?

Photo: CNSA

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