Suez Canal: A huge container ship stuck on its side in the Suez Canal: traffic was interrupted due to the container ship being blocked in the Suez Canal

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Panamanian ship connects Asia to Europe with cargo stopped due to blockage of China’s container ship in Suez Canal, traffic was going to the Netherlands, traffic may take several days to open
A huge, never-delivered container ship carrying goods from China to the Suez Canal caused a huge traffic jam. It is said that this container ship carries the flag of Panama. The Suez Canal, 193.3 km long, connects the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea. Please say that a similar canal has been built in Panama which connects the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean.

Vessel stuck due to loss of control
It is said that a container ship 400 meters long and 59 meters wide blocked Tuesday morning when it lost control while crossing the canal north of the port of Suez. Massive tugs (powerful boats pushing ships) were deployed to remove it. It is still feared that it will take several days to get this container ship out of here.

Severe traffic jam in the sea
Due to the involvement of this ship, a large number of ships are stranded on the shores of the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. Every day, thousands of small and large ships travel from Europe to Asia and from Asia to Europe via this channel. If this route remains closed for a long time, ships will have to travel across the African continent to Europe.

The ship was going from China to the Netherlands
The Panamanian container ship Ever Given was en route to the port of Rotterdam, the Netherlands, after loading cargo from China. During this time, he took the Suez Canal route to reach Europe from the Indian Ocean. Who got stranded north of the port of Suez at around 7:40 a.m. local time in the morning of Mangalwal. The vessel was built in 2018 and is operated by Taiwanese shipping company Evergreen Marine.

Ship stuck due to strong gust of wind
According to the report, the crew of the Ever Given reported that their ship had overturned due to a strong wind tornado while crossing the Suez Canal. Later, when he tried to straighten it, he wandered across the width of the canal and stopped all the traffic. Another freighter, the Mersuck Denver, is stuck behind this ship.

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