Suez Canal Crisis: How the Ever Given Freighter Got Stuck in the Suez Canal Know All: How the Ever Given Freighter Stuck in the Suez Canal

Last week, a freighter named Ever Given got stuck in the Suez Canal, causing a long traffic jam in the sea. There was also a man among the staff hired to take this ship, the photo of which had gone very viral. in social media. This employee is actually associated with the Suez Canal maintenance crew and operates a yellow bulldozer. This is the same man who started removing dirt from the bottom of the ship through his bulldozer when the strong wind hit the ship carrying goods from China, turning it into mud on the side of the canal.

Abdullah Abdelwad drives bulldozers
According to the report from The National website, the operator of this small bulldozer is Abdullah Abdelwad, who was part of the first ship evacuation team after the accident. They receive a salary of $ 190 per month for this work. Abdullah Abdelwad, 26, said I arrived for work as usual at 7 a.m. on March 23, 2021, but saw that the doors were still closed.

Call the called contractor
Abdelwad, after seeing the Suez Canal gate closed, returned home to Al Arbaan, about 30 km away. As soon as he arrived home, he received a call from the director of his contracting company. The director asked them to get to the east side of the Suez Canal as quickly as possible. Immediately, when they reached the east side of the canal, the Suez Canal Authority car represented them.

Abdullah reached the stranded ship after a briefing
At the time, operator Abdullah Abdelwad did not know what it was and why he had been called so early. Abdullah told his manager standing nearby that when I got to work in the morning, no entry was given due to a boat stuck in the canal. Then the manager said we were going to retrieve the same ship. Abdullah was informed by the officials of the place of his way of working. After that, he obtained permission to transport his bulldozer.

Dig the silt and remove the bow of the ship
Approaching the grounded vessel, Abdullah saw that the bow (front) of the vessel had sunk deep into the silt in the canal. Therefore, he learned that he would have to dig deep on both sides to get it out. Several photos of Abdullah digging around the cargo ship have gone viral on social media. They continued in this mission until the ship got out of this location. The huge container ship Ever Given ran aground in the Suez Canal using levees and powerful ships, it was evacuated on Monday.

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