Suez Canal Crisis: Suez Canal Crisis: A giant ship stuck in the Suez Canal due to Indian crew negligence? Important Disclosure in Investigation Report – Technical Human Errors on Suez Canal Crisis May Have Caused a Blockade Never Given by Indians

The exit of the cargo ship Evert Given stranded in the Suez Canal in Egypt is not at all visible. The US Navy has also reached out to help evacuate the giant ship which has been stranded for the past 5 days. Meanwhile, officials citing the investigation report said human and engineering disturbances were not responsible for blocking wind and weather behind the ship. This investigation report came at a time when a 25-member Indian crew operating this vessel is facing questions on social media.

Osama Rabiye, chief officer of the Egyptian Suez Canal Authority, said efforts were underway to evacuate the ship. Although he is not in a position to say when this crisis will end. He said sea waves and strong winds are hampering the evacuation of the ship. Osama said efforts are being made to remove sand from the vicinity of the ship so that the ship can be removed without removing the baggage.

321 ships deposited on both sides of the Suez Canal
Osama also confirmed that strong winds and weather conditions were not the main reasons the Ever Given freighter got stuck on the world’s busiest sea route. He cited the investigation report as saying the accident occurred due to “technical or human fault”. Previously, the company that ran Ever Give said the ship was stranded due to the strong wind and bad weather. About 321 ships have accumulated on both sides of the Suez Canal due to the 1,300-foot-long container ship Ever Given. Many ships are loaded with animals and if they are not removed in time, they can die.

At the same time, authorities plan to make several additional efforts to retrieve the vessel and open up the important global waterway. The ship “The Hour Given” carrying goods between Asia and Europe was stuck Tuesday in a canal near the city of Suez, disrupting traffic. This waterway is important for global transport. Ever Give technical director Bernhard Schult Shipman said on Friday efforts to open the route of the canal had failed.

About 10% of world trade through the channel
Shipmanment said efforts were being made to hijack the ship from inside the ship and calling in more boats. A Suez Canal Authority official said when the sea waves (high tide) subside, he plans to make two attempts on Saturday. However, Egyptian authorities have banned media from the site. The Shoi Kisen company said in a statement on Saturday that it plans to remove the containers from the ship so the ship can lighten up, but it will be a difficult operation.

At the same time, the White House offered to help Egypt open the canal. US President Joe Biden told reporters on Friday: “We have the tools and the capabilities that most countries do not have and we are looking at what we can help and what can be done.” About 10 percent of trade is done through this channel. This waterway is important for the transportation of oil. It supplies oil and gas from Central Asia to Europe which could be affected by its closure.

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