Suez Canal Evergiven: Never given a ship blocking the Suez Canal: a ship blocking the Suez Canal

Two special boats (powerful boats used to pull ships) were deployed in the Suez Canal in Egypt for five days to clear the stranded giant ship while freight companies sent their boats to another route. A huge ship carrying cargo between Asia and Europe, named the Panama flag, Ever Given, was trapped in this canal on Tuesday. Since then, authorities have tried again to get the ship out and free the waterway from the traffic jam, but success has not been achieved.

There is a turnover of $ 9 billion per day from this channel. The sinking severely affected global transport and commerce, already affected by the Corona outbreak. The Dutch Alp Guard flag and the Italian Carlo Magno flag have already been called in to help boats clean up the giant ship that arrived there on Sunday, according to satellite data from Marine

Bernhard Schult Shipmanagement, the director of the Ever Given, said that all these mighty boats would take out the 400-meter-long Ever Given, the silt is discharged from the bottom of the ship. A senior Canal Authority pilot said staff plan to take off from the ship during Sunday’s high wave.

He said, “Sunday is important. He will decide the next stage in which it is also possible to partially unload the goods from the ship. Meanwhile, Suez Canal Authority chief Gen. Osama Rabei told a press conference on Saturday that the investigation was ongoing but did not rule out the possibility of human or technical flaws.

However, Bernhard Shipmangement said the initial investigation did not reveal any mechanical disturbance or engine failure as the reason for the vessel being blocked. Rabei said he hoped that cleaning up the frozen sludge at the bottom of the canal would allow the ship to be towed without removing its cargo, but added, “We are in a difficult situation, this is a bad event.” When asked when the ship could be evacuated, he replied, “I can’t say because I don’t know.”

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