Suez Canal Evergiven: Ship stuck in the Suez Canal: Ship stuck in the Suez Canal

The US Navy is about to help Egypt evacuate the ship trapped in the Suez Canal. Defense Department officials told CNN that the U.S. Navy team will arrive on Saturday to help evacuate the Evergiven vessel. The ship was stuck in the thin channel due to bad weather. The US team will take stock of the situation and then advise them to remove it.

Need more equipment
All attempts so far to evacuate the stranded vessel have failed. More equipment is also needed to remove it. So far, efforts are being made to remove sand and dirt. For this, a suction dredger has been installed which can remove 2000 cubes of material per hour. To remove this ship, 20 thousand cubic meters of sand will have to be extracted.

Support insurance
This means that the depth of 12 to 16 meters can be reached by removing all the sand, so that the vessel can be pulled out of the water. The US Department of Defense told the Middle East Eye that no support can be claimed at this time, but the situation is being watched closely. Egypt has been assured of all assistance.

Previously, the UK government had said that, upon request, assistance would be provided to evacuate the ship. Prime Minister Boris Johnson said: “We are ready to help, but we have not yet been asked.” The Turkish government has also offered to help.

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