suez canal obstruction cleared: suez unlocked: supermoon, monster ship … giant ship out of suez canal, loaded with sex toy – suez unlocked supermoon mashhour knows how a ship got out of the suez canal loaded with sextoy

After 6 days of hard work, the large cargo ship Aiver Given has become a cause of crisis for the world, is now completely gone and set out on its journey. A freighter called Ever Given, carrying cargo between Panama and Asia, ran aground in the Suez Canal, carrying cargo between Asia and Europe. This led to sea scrambling on both sides of the Suez Canal and more than 350 freighters were trapped. The 25 crew members who operate this container ship are Indians. The more important of those two things was the hand in night and day action to suppress Ever Given. The first super moon and the second Mashhour monster ship. Let’s see how the ship never gave …

The fever came to the sea because of the super moon, never gave in

Rescuers were working day and night to evacuate the stranded ship in the Suez Canal, but there was no hope of Ever Given’s early departure. About 400 meters long and 59 meters wide, this giant ship blocked roads on both sides of the Suez Canal. The Suez Canal, 193.3 km long, connects the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea. About 30 percent of the world’s shipping containers pass through this route. 12 percent of the world’s goods also pass through this channel. In the midst of this disaster, the super moon turned out to be a boon for the rescue team and this led to the sea into the sea. Since the water rose in the sea due to the tide , the ship Ever Given took off and began to swim in the water again. The world breathed peace with the departure of Ever Given. Due to the involvement of the vessel, there was a risk of shortage of many goods in the world. Not only that, many living animals were also loaded into the ships trapped in the sea, which threatened to die.

The giant ship fired millions of cubic meters of sand

Along with the super moon, the giant ship Mashhour was also a major contributor to the release of Ever Given. The ship removed sand from the Suez Canal at a rate of 70,000 cubic meters per hour. The ship was put to work on Thursday. Suez Canal Authority chief Osama Rabiee said this giant Mashhour vessel was doing most of the sand removal work under the Given Eiver. He said it worked and after that the tug pulling the ships got a chance to pull the Ever Given. In addition, sand and mud were extracted from the sediments of the Eiver Given using several small vessels. A total of 27,000 cubic meters of sand and mud were removed from the vicinity of the stranded vessel. After this great success, Mashhour has become famous now. The Mashhour crew celebrates after Ever Give and exclaims that we are number one.

20 container sex toys loaded onto the cargo ship

The Ever Given ship was pulled out as workers were preparing to take off its cargo so that its weight could be lightened. A total of 18,300 containers have been loaded onto this vessel. Of these, 20 containers were filled with sex toys only. These sex toys were sold for Christmas and Valentine’s Day. EDC Retail, the sex toy maker, said they would have lost millions of rupees if they were sent bypassing Africa. It would also take 5-7 more days. He said there was a danger even after more money was spent because there is a lot of movement in the sea around South Africa in the winter. Not only that, hackers are also very active in these areas. Meanwhile, the Suez Canal has reopened since Monday evening with the release of Ever Given.

Every day there was so much damage due to being trapped by Eve Given

Every day there was a loss of $ 9.6 billion due to the Ever Given trapping on this busy sea route. Every year, 19,000 ships use this route. Not only that, crores of barrels of crude oil and LNG are also transported by this route. Furniture, clothing, supermarket products made in China are transported to Europe via the Suez Canal. If this canal is closed, they will have to travel 5000 km to Europe via the roundabout. Due to this bottleneck, the export of oil from the Gulf countries was halted due to which the prices of oil and other goods started to rise. The container ship Ever Given was on its way to the port of Rotterdam in the Netherlands after loading cargo from China. During this time, he took the Suez Canal route to reach Europe from the Indian Ocean. Who got stranded north of the port of Suez at around 7:40 a.m. local time on Tuesday morning. The vessel was built in 2018 and is operated by Taiwanese shipping company Evergreen Marine.

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