Suez Canal traffic jam: NASA satellite images of the Suez Canal ship traffic jam: NASA 100 km satellite images

The Suez Canal in Egypt, which had held around 30% of world trade for several days, is now open. There has been a lot of talk about a stranded ship here and the US space agency NASA has posted photos of the traffic jam here and also said how bad the situation has become. Satellite images show that the 100 km long jam was caused by the Evergiven vessel.

Officials said the ship was stranded due to high winds and a dust storm and it took 6 days and seven hours to evacuate. The whole world was watching this whole event. A report also claimed the ship was moving faster than the canal’s speed limit. Due to its blockage, many ships ran aground and terrible traffic jams occurred. NASA satellite images show Internet users the extent of this congestion.

NASA shared three photos on its social media handle. It was observed that on March 29, the traffic jam reached 100 km. All of these photos were taken from the Visible Infrared Radiometer (VIIRS) suite. NASA said that with the help of this technology, the slowest signal such as moonlight, gas and light from ships can be increased. The first photo saw normal traffic on February 1. On March 27, 72 km and on March 29, a traffic jam of 100 km had been made. On March 30, 184 ships were stationed there.

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