Sukhoi Checkmate Vs F 35: Russia unveils Sukhoi Checkmate fighter jet at MAKS 2021 to compete with US F 35 offering in India too

Russia, which is rapidly lagging behind in the global arms market, has now presented its deadliest “Sukhoi Checkmate” fighter jet to challenge US domination. This fifth-generation Sukhoi Checkmate fighter jet will compete with America’s most advanced F-35 aircraft in the sky. Russia claims this fighter jet is capable of dodging advanced enemy radar and can fly at supersonic speed. The significance of Sukhoi Checkmate is measured by the fact that Russian President Vladimir Putin himself provided an update on this deadly plane at MAKS-2021. This aircraft was manufactured by the famous Russian company Sukhoi. Not only that, Russia has also offered to sell this deadly plane to its trusted friend India. Let us know how powerful this new Russian air warrior is Sukhoi Checkmate ….

‘Checkmate’ carried out on Sukhoi-57 technology, equipped with lethal weapons

Russia presented the Sukhoi Checkmate fighter plane during its famous MAKS-2021 air show held in Moscow. It’s called a light strategic aircraft. Russia made this aircraft on the basis of technology from the Sukhoi-57. Russia made this aircraft very fast and the reason is that it used technology from the Sukhoi-57. The Sukhoi Checkmate single-engine aircraft keeps weapons hidden inside, making them unlikely to be detected by radar. For this reason, it is called the fifth generation fighter plane. The display near this aircraft indicated that the R-73 anti-aircraft missile, R-77 anti-aircraft missile, and KH-59MK anti-ship cruise missile will be installed in the Checkmate fighter jet. This means that this aircraft can be used to gain air control and target enemy ground targets. Not only that, Checkmate will be able to carry drones the size of a missile in its arsenal. This aircraft will be able to fly at an altitude of 54,000 feet with a speed of Mach 2.2.

US F-35 will collide, stay out of radar range

The Sukhoi Checkmate fighter plane is a fifth generation aircraft and it would be very difficult to capture it using radar. Not only that, this aircraft will be unmatched in its engine power and aerobatics. This will allow it to fly at supersonic speed. Russia’s state-of-the-art fighter jet will compete with American F-35 planes. Russian officials have said the cost of a Sukhoi Checkmate fighter jet will be around $ 25-30 million, far less than the Rafale that India recently bought. At the same time, an American F-35 aircraft is sold for $ 80 million. Thus, the Sukhoi Checkmate will also be ahead of the F-35 in terms of price. Due to having only one engine, this aircraft will be very light. Many experts compare it to the Russian MiG-21 aircraft, which was built by Russia to compete with American F-16 planes. Russian aircraft manufacturer Sukhoi said a prototype of the Checkmate aircraft would fly in 2023 and deliveries could begin in 2026. He also clarified that this new model can be converted to an unmanned aircraft or a two-seater fighter jet.

Russia also donated Sukhoi Checkmate planes to India

On this occasion, Russia also offered its state-of-the-art Checkmate aircraft to India. The official video from the event shows Checkmate being built for export. This aircraft can be sold in United Arab Emirates, India, Vietnam and Argentina. Russian Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov said it was definitely designed for African countries, India and Vietnam. The demand for such planes is very high. We estimate that more than 300 fighter jets will be sold in the near future. Let us tell you that India is a big buyer of Russian arms. India has so far purchased several classes of fighter jets from Russian companies Sukhoi and MiG. India currently uses MiG-21, Sukhoi-30 MKI and MiG-29 fighter jets. The strike range of this aircraft is around 3000 km, so it will be able to attack at a very long distance. Russia introduced this aircraft at a time when India is going to buy 114 fighter jets. Russia has already offered India the Sukhoi-35 and the MiG-35.

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