Sukhoi Su-57: Are Americans afraid of the Russian Sukhoi Su-57? Also specializes in firing nuclear-hypersonic missiles – Russian fighter Sukhoi Su-57 superior then American Lockheed Martin F-35 can fire nuclear and hypersonic missiles

The Russian Sukhoi Su-57 fighter plane is also panicking in the United States. The mark of this thing is seen in the media there. Several US reports have claimed that this state-of-the-art Russian fighter aircraft could threaten many military bases not only in the United States but also in NATO. Russia’s Sukhoi Su-57 has also been described as superior to the American F-35 in every sense of the word. This Russian fighter aircraft is capable of firing not only a nuclear missile, but also an advanced hypersonic missile.

Russian Su-57 would be fatal for US and NATO

National Interest Magazine said in its report that mass production of Russia’s first fifth-generation stealth fighter jet, the Sukhoi Su-57, has begun. He will soon be inducted into the Russian Air Force. A few years later, it will also be launched on the international arms market. The magazine further wrote that this news is apparently not good for the United States, as it would make many strategic NATO bases vulnerable.

US media told a Su-57 forward fighter jet

In its report, The National Interest named Russia’s Sukhoi Su-57 as the best air superiority fighter in its class. It has been said that this fighter plane would gain an advantage during air combat over any other plane. It could also defeat the F-35, the fifth-generation fighter jet of the United States, which in the future would become the main fighter plane of NATO countries.

The American F-35 is also faster in Russian Su-57 speed

The Russian Su-57 fighter jet is also cheaper than Lockheed Martin’s F-35 in terms of expense. Its design and avionics are also more aerodynamic. It can withstand speeds of Mach 2 (around 2,500 km / h) without using afterburner. Even its subsonic range is over 3,500 km.

Deadly predator turns Su-57 into advanced radar

The AESA radar and other systems used provide the information and support the pilot needs. The aircraft is equipped with more stealth technology than the F-35. Thanks to which he can search and destroy his target in secret. The aircraft also has a 101KS infrared search end system, capable of finding and tracking hidden enemies as well. The speed and aerodynamics of the aircraft make it a deadly predator.

Is armed with dangerous weapons Su-57

The Russian Sukhoi Su-57 fighter plane is equipped with a variety of deadly weapons. It is designed to fly with a full range of weapons. It also includes air-to-ground attack missiles ranging from short-range air-to-air missiles to land strikes up to 150 kilometers. In addition to the Russian Wimpel R-37M hypersonic jet missile, it is also capable of attacking with a Kh-47M2 Kinzhal missile capable of nuclear attack.

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