Sulu police chief shot dead at quarantine checkpoint

In the Philippines, an angry policeman shot his own boss because he was reprimanded for his long hair. After that, the soldiers stationed under the safety of the provincial police chief also killed him in retaliation. The incident is reported in the province of Sulu in the Philippines. The officer who fired was furious at Sulu Provincial Police Director Karlan Michael Bavayan Jr. for criticizing his hair.

Was angry at being scolded for long hair
The report indicates that at the checkpoint in the Asturian village of Jolo, the director of the provincial police, Colonel Michael Bawyan, regularly checked the application of the segregation rules. Then he saw the long hair of Police Staff Sergeant Imran Jilah. Bawyan berated Jillah for her long hair and left. He later returned to the station with scissors from the nearby police camp.

Killed in retaliation by security personnel
As he approached Jillah, he opened fire on the police chief, who died on the way to the hospital. After that, security personnel stationed under the police chief’s protection shot and killed the accused policeman. The head of the national police, General Guillermo Eleazar, ordered an investigation into the case.

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