Summer training, the key to finding a job in September

In September, rentals generally increase with the end of the summer tourist season. In fact, last year Spain recorded its best September in its history, with 26,329 fewer unemployed, creating 84,013 new jobs, according to the Ministry of Labor, Migration and Social Security.

In this sense, job seekers who decide to train and study in the summer are twice as likely to be hired in September, according to a study published by the Association of Temporary Employment Companies.

Additionally, many of the requirements for a job posting go beyond a degree, as they require specific digital skills, languages, or technical skills. For this reason, GrupoSynergie, an organization specializing in the integral management of Human Resources, considers that it is crucial to take advantage of summer time to specialize and be able to access these job offers.

Specialized training as a job search strategy

Summer becomes an opportunity to recycle knowledge and explore new sectors. The training not only allows access to the labor market, but also to specialize in one’s own professional field and to reorient himself towards other sectors. One of the keys to today’s job market is that those who opt for specialization tend to be more successful than those who choose to be more generalists.

So, if one refers to specialization, there are many training programs such as courses, workshops and graduate programs that fulfill this purpose. In no time you can acquire new skills to put in the field in which you work, be it a higher level. English or proficiency in a specific computer program.

Imma Arjona, head of the Development, Training and Consulting pole of Synergie Espaa, specifies that “the main candidates for training seek to strengthen their knowledge and skills through specialized courses, such as languages, to promote their integration into international projects , for example. , digital training, creativity, the capacity for analysis and innovation, are qualities highly sought after by companies today ”.

Sectors that increased supply the most in September

The most popular jobs are those oriented towards new technologies. Jobs related to digital tools such as logistics, digital marketing, distribution, robotic programming or cybersecurity are the most popular today, not to mention the technologies applied to the health sector, which has always been essential.

The profiles of ICT experts who handle Big Data or data analysis are also among the most sought after. Another of the most requested profiles is that of cybersecurity experts, and it is that with the digitization of jobs, information and production processes are more exposed than ever, so online security is of great importance. importance to business.

In this sense, Arjona reveals that “the most successful companies in recent months have been those that have invested in personnel development and technology, and that thanks to this it has been easier for them to adapt to new working methods because they were able to react to change and show great flexibility in their technological processes ”.

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