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Game News Summoners War Lost Centuria Receives Major Update Full of New Features Released 6/1/2021 at 12:25 PM Available since April 29, Summoners War Lost Centuria announces the start of its second season, which will be accompanied by several new features, including a Tournament, a new mode, monsters and emotes. This update marks the beginning of the monthly updates for Summoners War Lost Centuria, the strategy and tactics game from Com2uS. The seasonal system is based on the rhythm of updates, so that the development of the title can normally be followed. This Season 2, which has been available since yesterday, is adding a global PvP tournament based on Pick & Ban, in which players with at least Gold V can compete against each other. Com2uS that at the end of the tournaments until the end of the year some players could be selected as part of the eSport competition. In addition to this tournament, we can find two new creatures made available to us by the developers: Seara: support for the wind attribute and legendary rarity that can place a bomb on the enemy in the front line and reduce the duration of any useful effects that may be be impaired. The bomb detonates after a while to inflict heavy damage on the target by ignoring its defenses and completely stunned Zibrolta: Fire attribute and normal attack monster that throws a random bomb that deals damage, also defends enemies and stuns the brawl event -Mode restricted to Season 2. When you start this mode, players will receive level 10 monsters and random spells that will put everyone on one foot. This mode brings an overall improvement in matchmaking. By MalloDelic, writing by MP

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