Sun Valley, all the details on the renewal of Windows 10 in 2021

Since Panos Panay took over the reins of Windows 10, the same mantra has been transferred from Microsoft: “We want people to stop using Windows because they need it, we want them to like it and we want to use it. ” With this goal in mind, the Sun Valley project was born.

Sun Valley’s goal is to modernize and eliminate inconsistencies in the design of Windows 10. In this way, we will see updates in the design of the Start menu, Action Center, and even changes. in file explorer … Although we should not wait for a complete overhaul, but a unification in the interface of the operating system.

Better experience on tablets and convertibles

One of the main new features included in Sun Valley is a new Windows 10 touch keyboard experience. Microsoft has been working on redesigning this element with an interface based on Fluent Design, with translucent backgrounds and rounded edges.

While the keyboard as such doesn’t include many more new features, aside from animations with greater fluidity and faster response, it will be integrated with the emoticon panel and clipboard. The goal is to have a modern experience that allows us to express ourselves with more possibilities.

Renewal of pre-installed applications thanks to Sun Valley

Preinstalled applications, such as Alarms & Clock, Weather, Photos … will undergo complete interface renovations and design upgrades. For this, Microsoft will use an evolution of Fluent Design thanks to WinUI. As a result, Windows 10 and its apps will follow the same line when using GUIs.

The latest example is the Alarms & Clock application, which has completely revamped its interface in Insider versions of Windows 10. The software has new controls that improve the experience of using the keyboard and mouse. Also we find new buttons in which the rounded edges stand out.

Improved animations and more fluidity in Windows 10

One of the biggest complaints from Windows 10 users is about the animations. The current animations are mostly inherited from Windows 8 and are somewhat clunky. In addition, devices with integrated graphics suffer during reproduction, which spoils the user experience.

Microsoft has started testing the first upcoming animation with Sun Valley. It is a kind of zoom that increases the feeling of depth by bringing the windows closer to the user when they are opened. Moreover, it reduces the feeling of loading time when opening some apps.

Refurbished start menu and activity center

The Start menu and the activity center will also see their updated interface. According to Zac Bowden, the experience will be very similar to that presented with Windows 10X, but suitable for desktop environments. Therefore, we will eventually see the definitive end of the animated tiles.

As for the action center, it will become independent from the notification area. Consequently, the accesses for the concentration assistant or the activation of wireless connectivity will be differentiated in a separate area.

Consistency will arrive in Windows 10 at the end of 2021

About File Explorer, few details are known, but we will also see some cosmetic changes. This is probably to adapt the interface to the new design, as was done during the transition from Windows 8 to Windows 10.

All windows will leave the corners and end up with rounded edges. Finally, Microsoft will improve the use of the dark theme and extend it to more sections of the operating system. With this you will get a consistent design in all its components, new and old.

Sun Valley will arrive at the completion of development for the Cobalt branch of Windows 10. Manufacturers will begin receiving this release in the second half of 2021, when it begins testing in form on the Insider beta channel. With which we will begin to receive the update at the end of the year.

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