Sun Valley Windows 10 File Explorer will have new icons

Sun Valley is the next big update for Windows 10. The more we know about it, the more clearly we know that it is not an update like any other, but that it will mean a before and an after in user experience with the operating system. We will receive new apps, animations, a general operating system overhaul, new options such as the “News & Interest” widget and much more.

Sun Valley begins to arrive in File Explorer

Source: Microsoft

Microsoft introduced these icons in Windows Insider Dev Channel Build 21343 announced today. This means that the icons have passed the internal testing phase and Microsoft has decided to show them to the public. However, that doesn’t mean that these are the icons that finally make it to the final version of Windows 10 Sun Valley. Everything will depend on user feedback.

We see how Microsoft is ditching the classic yellow folder design with an icon inside for system folders and opting for icons that follow the design lines of Fluent Design. With the new icons and thanks to the recently introduced change in the separation of sidebar items, Windows 10’s File Explorer feels less cluttered than ever.

Source: Microsoft

We see how the icon for “Devices and Drives” and the recycle bin have also been redesigned. Either way, they’re subtle changes but one that fits in nicely with the rest of the redesign. Microsoft takes the aesthetic harmonization of Windows very seriously and we are already starting to see the fruits of their labor.

What does a professional think?

Pablo Ríos, graphic designer and creator of the “Ego Gráfico” brand, gave Microsofters his first impressions of the new icons:

I think the redesign is working very well. I really like the style of Fluent and the way Microsoft adapts it to Windows 10, managing to differentiate itself from the slightly “rougher” style of MacOS. The color code used is very smart.

I think when it’s done the File Explorer redesign will be very popular with Windows 10 users. To put a downside to what we’ve seen, I’m not convinced that the form serves as the basis for the redesign of icons. from a folder. However, I understand Microsoft’s decision, being such an iconic element and whose presence they wanted to maintain.

Microsoft still has a long way to go to unify the design of Windows 10 for Sun Valley, but actions like this demonstrate its unwavering commitment. Users will be able to enjoy Sun Valley in the second half of the year, likely starting in October, although there is still no confirmed date for its launch. Microsoft is expected to host an event to discuss the “next generation of Windows” coming with Windows 10X and Sun Valley.

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