Sun Valley would bring a new store to Windows 10

The Windows 10 Store has been severely criticized by the platform’s most expert users. Its already somewhat outdated aesthetic and erratic performance drew harsh comments from the community. That could end with Sun Valley, the big Windows 10 update slated for fall and arriving loaded with news.

A new store will be possible thanks to the ambition of Sun Valley

It was Aggiornamenti Lumia via his Twitter account who alerted us to this great news. This account has always leaked new apps and redesigns of the same and it has a very high success rate, so we can give the news enough veracity.

First spoiler of the month: 🆕👜

– Aggiornamenti Lumia (@ALumia_Italia) March 1, 2021

Although the Italian site did not expressly say that it was a new app from the Windows 10 Store, everything indicates that it will be. There aren’t any other major Store apps in Windows 10, and that should also be something that doesn’t take us completely by surprise. We already know that Sun Valley has among its objectives to renew all native Windows 10 applications. We have already seen this with the overhaul of the Alarms and Clock application.

Resolving load failures, phantom updates, and a design update to fix WinUI 3 are some of the improvements that could come. The store can and should be a mainstay of Windows 10 not only because of the apps, but also because of the great commitment to Microsoft games with Game Pass.

This is why there is a need for the Windows 10 Store to learn from the great work that has been done in the Xbox Store. In this way, you could not only make its use more attractive, but also convince developers to offer your app through the Store.

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